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A martini… but not?

Douglas Ankrah is the creator of the Pornstar Martini. He thought “the cocktail was so sexy and looked like what a pornstar would drink”, and we’re not going to argue with him.

A classic martini is a cocktail made from gin and vermouth. The Coastal Pornstar Martini takes a riff on the traditional recipe by using vodka and triple sec with a passionfruit-y twist.

Featuring our Passionfruit Zodiac Vodka – it’s the perfect cocktail to honour our air signs.

Coastal Pornstar Martini Recipe Cocktail Air Sign Zodiac
@coastalmoondistillery Inspo for the Air Signs- a Coastal Pornstar Martini #cocktailrecipes #cocktailnight #girlsnight #passionfruit #airsigns ♬ as it was x cruel summer x deja vu – matty james
Serving Size Time Difficulty
1 1 Min Easy

Coastal Pornstar Martini Ingredients

  • Half of a passionfruit
  • 60ml Coastal Moon Passionfruit Vodka
  • 30ml Triple Sec
  • 30ml fresh lime juice
  • Prosecco (optional)


  • Mix the passionfruit pulp
  • Pour the Coastal Moon Passionfruit Vodka, Triple Sec and lime juice
  • Shake well
  • Serve with a side of prosecco