The Zodiacs: Bubblegum Vodka


Our Bubblegum Zodiac Vodka represents the Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces star signs. Like the name suggests — a well attuned group who are sensitive and sentimental.

ABV Vol.
40% 700ml

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Our Bubblegum Zodiac Vodka embodies the sensitivity and sentimentality of the Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces star signs. This well-attuned group is known for their emotional depth and compassion, traits that are perfectly complemented by the sweet and nostalgic flavour of bubblegum. Carefully crafted in small batches at our distillery, our Zodiac Vodka is triple distilled and 10x carbon filtered in-house to ensure a smooth and high-quality product. Our vodka base is made from only Australian wheat, further enhancing its unique taste. Enjoy the smooth flavour of this spirit on the rocks or mixed into your favourite bubblegum cocktail. Take one sip and let its unique taste and character transport you to a simpler time.

ABV: 40%
Vol: 700ml
Std. Drinks: 22

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