Zodiac Vodka Bundle


Our Zodiac Vodka Bundle consists of all four Zodiac Vodkas. The Fire Strawberry, The Air Passionfruit, The Earth Watermelon and The Water Bubblegum.

Per Bottle:

ABV Vol.
40% 700ml

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Crafted in small batches at our Gold Coast based distillery, our Zodiac Vodka is a smooth and versatile spirit that’s perfect on the rocks or in any cocktail. Our vodka base is created from only Australian wheat and is goes through an in-house triple distillation process and 10x carbon filtering. We take pride in ensuring every drop is of the highest quality.

Our Zodiac Vodka is a unique representation of all the star signs, each one broken down into their respective elements of Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Enjoy the smooth and delicious taste of you Sun, Moon or Rising sign.

ABV: 40%
Vol: 700ml
Std. Drinks: