Butterfly Grape Vodka


Witness the metamorphosis of Coastal Moon’s Butterfly Grape Vodka. Beginning as a purple-blue hue, our butterfly pea-infused vodka transforms into a beautiful blush purple-pink when paired with its citrus mixer. A spirit that is both visually pleasing and delightfully smooth.

ABV Vol.
37% 700ml

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Crafted in small batches, our Butterfly Grape Vodka is a delightfully smooth and visually stunning spirit. Infused with butterfly pea flower, it undergoes triple distillation and 10x carbon filtration in-house to ensure a high-quality product. With a vodka base made only from Australian wheat, our Butterfly Grape Vodka boasts a deep purple-blue hue that transforms into a beautiful purple-pink when mixed with citrus or tonic. Whether enjoyed on the rocks as the base for your favourite grape cocktail or paired with lemonade, our Butterfly Grape Vodka is a versatile drink that everyone can enjoy.

ABV: 37%
Vol: 700ml
Std. Drinks: 20

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Weight 1.176 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 31.5 cm

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